Churchill Park now accepting applications

Families have moved into the first fully renovated apartments at Churchill Park (formerly Rolling Heights). The apartments have all-new flooring, paint, appliances, fixtures, bathrooms, cabinets, doors, windows, heat and air conditioning equipment, hot water tanks, smoke detectors, and bathroom vent fans.

The bathroom renovations include a new toilet, tub/shower with a tub surround, faucets, sink, cabinet, and a mirrored medicine cabinet under a light bar, with the best part being the bathroom vent fan. The kitchens include new black ranges with self-cleaning ovens and black refrigerators with complimentary cabinetry and countertops. The apartments have been painted a light grey with white trim. The stained wood steps, handrail, and stairwell caps look great with the new vinyl woodgrain flooring throughout the apartment.

Each building will also receive a number of external facelifts including new roofs, shutters, facia metal, and porch lights with unit numbers. On the outside of each building a new large, easy-to-read, sign will be placed identifying the building number, the addresses of the units in the building, and the street address of the building. Site work to include concrete repair & landscape replacement.

Construction will begin on the twelve units that will be accessible this spring. These twelve units will include one, two, three, and four-bedroom units. This project is moving faster than was anticipated. So we can keep up with the process, it is very important that residents in Churchill Park return any paperwork they receive from the office as soon as possible. Paperwork must be completed and certified prior to a unit being ready. If the unit is ready but the paperwork has not been completed and certified we will have to skip that family and go to the next family with completed & certified packets.

Applications can be picked up in the office or on our website. For questions call the office at 270-683-5365.