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The HAO has learned a lot since COVID about how to improve efficiency and service. 

The following will be our new normal. 

  • Annual Recertification: Recertification material will continue to be delivered to your apartment for you to complete.  Once you return the material, a staff member will review it and let you know what else is needed.  Appointments will be made upon request if individuals need assistance completing the material.
  • Submitting Requested Documentation: Individuals can submit requested material via email by forwarding an email, taking a picture with your phone or scanning in the document.
  • Call Ahead of Visiting Office: Call the office and speak with a staff member before visiting the office. We can address everything much quicker over the phone an we can provide answers to questions. If you walk in without making an appointment, staff will not be available to meet with you.
  • *Staff will return your call as soon as possible if you leave a message** 
  • Applications: Applications are available outside of our office, but if you visit the website at owensborohousing.org the application can be completed and submitted.  Once submitted you will receive an email explaining the next steps.
  • Paying Rent: We strongly encourage individuals to set up automatic payment options with a checking account, savings account, or credit card.  We also can take payments over the phone using a credit or debit card.

Please feel free to email staff with questions or to provide information. This is the best method of communication.

 Thank you,

Shauna Boom, Executive Director

Housing Authority Staff Extension #’s and Email


Staff Ext Email
Recertification Nikki 205 [email protected]
Changes in Income/Family Composition Wendy 203 [email protected]
Housing Inspector Laura 207 [email protected]
Accommodations/Evictions/Hearings Barbara 209 [email protected]
Resident Services/Referrals/Complaints Amy 214 [email protected]
Resident Services/Parking Permits Jennifer 211 [email protected]
Front Desk / Applications Jamie 200 [email protected]
Rent/Utilities/Waivers Crystal 201 [email protected]
Non Emergency Work  Orders Stephanie 221 [email protected]