(270) 683-5365

Emergency Maintenance

Emergency calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 270-683-5365.

If you have an Emergency Work Order after hours an answering service forwards all emergency calls to an on-callHousing Authority of Owensboro staff member. It is important to provide the answering service with your name, location, nature of the problem and a call-back number. If it qualifies as an emergency a HAO maintenance employee will come out to address the maintenance problem.

If the emergency is life threatening, immediately call 911.

Work Orders to be Considered EMERGENCY are:

  • Natural Gas leak
  • Electric outlet smoking or sparking
  • Exposed electrical wires which could result in fire or shock
  • Water leak
  • No Air – Not an emergency in itself unless needed for medical reasons
  • Vulnerarable unit due to door that will not lock or window broken – in situation or risk to resident (ie: criminal action, domestic violence)
  • Unusable Toilet
  • No Electricity
  • No running water (if there is no running water throughout the apartment)
  • Smoke Alarm not working
  • Obstacle preventing access or escape from a unit (if unit has more than one entry door that is accessible then non-emergency)
  • Stove not functioning (all burners and oven)

What to do if you smell gas

Do not turn on or off any lights. Put out all cigarettes and do not light any matches. Open your windows and doors. Do not use the phone inside. Leave the apartment. Go to a neighbor and call the Housing Authority at 683-5365 (day or night).

Do not attach anything (including bikes or scooters) to the gas meters. Residents may not dig in the yards or plant anything in the ground around their apartment.  Resident risk not knowing what is in the grounds where they dig and they may unknowingly disturb underground power lines, gas lines, or other hazards.