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Paying Rent

Rent is due on the 1st of the month.  If you have not paid your rent by the 5th day of the month, a $30 late fee is added.  Residents will only be allowed three late payments of rent (after the 5th day of the month) within a rolling twelve (12) month period of time (not a calendar year).

On the fourth time the resident pays after the 5th day the Housing Authority will not accept the resident’s payment of rent and other charges and will proceed with the eviction process as outlined in the terms of the lease. (If a resident has received a waiver to pay the rent at the end of the month due to an approved hardship, then that late payment will not count toward the “three strikes”.)

If the rent and other charges is not paid by the end of the 5th day a 14-day notice of termination of lease is issued to the resident. If the rent has still not been paid after the additional 14-day period, and you have not received a written waiver from the office to pay it late, eviction is filed at that time.

An Administrative Fee of $15 is charged to the resident if rent is not paid by the “Last Day to Pay Rent”. This date changes monthly so please refer to the rent calendar to see when this day occurs.

Rent can paid using any of the accepted forms of payment. The Housing Authority does not accept cash for payment of rent or other fees.  Rent payments may be mailed to the Housing Authority office, paid in person at the Housing Authority office or at the designated rent collection sites.

The last day to request a waiver of the current month’s rent is the 5th working day of the month.  If there has been an incident or hardship that prevents you from paying the rent on the first of the month then you will be responsible for gathering that documentation and bringing it into the office no later than the 5th working day to request the waiver.