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Quarterly Maintenance Inspections

The Housing Authority of Owensboro’s maintenance will be entering public housing units on a quarterly basis to change furnace filters, check water heaters, check for gas leaks, check pilot lights, and check smoke detectors.

Semi-Annual Housekeeping Inspections

The Housing Authority of Owensboro will inspect each public housing unit semi-annually (every six months) to ensure that each unit meets the Housing Authority of Owensboro’s and HUD’s Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) and to ensure the family is maintaining the unit in a safe and sanitary condition.

Emergency Inspections

If any employee and/or agent of the Housing Authority of Owensboro have reason to believe that an emergency exists within the housing unit, including unsafe and unsanitary living conditions, the unit can be entered without notice. The person(s) that enters the unit will leave a written notice to the resident that indicates the date and time the unit was entered and the reason why it was necessary to enter the unit.

Integrated Pest Management Inspections

The Housing Authority of Owensboro has developed an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system to better control pests in the apartments. Your apartment will be inspected on a quarterly basis, or sooner if needed, for general pet control between the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  For this system to be effective all residents must do their part by keeping their apartment clean and uncluttered. Reducing clutter is critical to prevent any type of pest infestation. For more information on IPM review the HAO Housekeeping handbook.

Pest Control Schedule

Harry Smith Homes

1st Tuesday & 1st Wednesday – February, May, August, November

P.G. Walker

2nd Tuesday – February, May, August, November

Rolling Heights

1st Tuesday, 1st Wednesday & 1st Thursday – March, June, September, December

Nannie Locke

1st Tuesday – January, April, July, October

Baker Drive

2nd Tuesday – January, April, July, October

Adams Village

3rd Tuesday – January, April, July, October

Service Day Inspections

If your apartment is found to have pests, the Housing Authority will treat your apartment for the pest and will also place your apartment on a monthly inspection until the problem is solved.  You are expected to cooperate with controlling the problem. Keeping your apartment clean is your responsibility.

Reporting a pest problem in your home

Any time you have a pest issue please contact the Housing Authority so we can inspect your home and remedy the situation.