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Reporting Changes

Reporting Changes in Income and Family Composition

It is very important to report all changes in family composition and income, in writing, to the office within five days of the change. For example, report a job as soon as you obtain it – do not wait until you receive your first check. Waiting will result in less than a 30-day notice of any increases and may result in owing back rent in addition to your regular rental payment.

Bring Verification of Changes, if Possible

If you receive an award letter or have other written verification of an increase or decrease in income, please bring this when you report your changes to the office.

Notice Regarding Wage Income

We may be able to disregard all or a portion of your income from wages if any of the following apply:

  1. You obtain employment after earning less than $2,575 for the previous 12 months;
  2. If your earned income increases during participation in a family self-sufficiency or job training program; or
  3. If you have drawn K-TAP or at least $500 of other qualifying welfare benefits in the 6 months preceding your new job or increased wages.

If you or a member of your household becomes employed and any of the three circumstances listed above apply, you must make us aware of this when you report the change to us in writing.


Housing Authority residents are notified by mail or hand-delivered notice concerning when to come to the office for the annual re-exam of income, assets, and deductions.

These appointments are scheduled ninety (90) days prior to your scheduled lease renewal. Residents must attend this appointment and supply the information the Housing Authority needs to determine their continued eligibility and correct rent payment.

Please bring all adults in the household to the appointment, if possible, along with verifications of income and expenses. Pet owners need to have updated medical records from their veterinarian. Remember to save a copy of your W-2’s, 1099’s, and the tax return that you filed for the last tax year. You will need this when you meet with us for your annual re-certification.

Please call Nikki (270) 683-5365 ext. 205 if you have any questions about your rent calculation or Wendy (270) 683-5365 ext. 203 if  you need to report a change in family composition or income.