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Resident Fact Sheet

The items listed below are highlights of your Lease Agreement. You are advised to read and familiarize yourself with all aspects of your lease.

  1. Rent is due on the 1st of the month.  If you have not paid your rent by the 5th day of the month, a $30 late fee is added.  If it still has not been paid after an additional 14 day period, and you have not received written permission from the office to pay it late, eviction is filed at that time.
  2. Residents are only allowed three opportunities to pay their rent and other charges after the 5th day in a rolling 12-month period. The fourth time they attempt to pay rent after the 5th day it will not be accepted by the HAO and eviction proceedings will begin.
  3. Limited utilities are furnished to you by the Housing Authority of Owensboro (HAO), but you are responsible for paying utility costs that exceed the allowance provided.
  4. Report all changes in the composition of your household, income, assets, and deductions IN WRITING ON OUR FORM, to the office, within five days of their occurrence.  Please bring in verification (employer statements, K-TAP or Social Security verification, etc.) with you when you report the change.  Delays in reporting can result in having to pay retroactive rent or other civil or criminal penalties.
  5. Should you wish to add an adult to your lease, you will be required to prove a 12-month stable, family-type relationship with them unless they are related to you by blood, marriage, or adoption.  They must apply, be screened, and be approved by the HAO before moving into the unit or being added to the lease.
  6. You may allow guests to stay in your apartment for up to 3 total days in a 12- month period without notifying the office.  You may have guests for up to 14 total days in a 12- month period provided you have prior written permission from the office.  If you allow people to stay in your apartment more than this or allow them to use your address as their own, it may be considered fraud.  Penalties for fraud can be quite severe and can include eviction, prosecution, jail time, fines and restitution, and future inability to obtain assistance.
  7. You are responsible for your behavior and also the behavior of your household members, guests, and persons accompanying your guests.  Criminal behavior or behavior that disturbs or threatens others right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises will not be tolerated.
  8. Drug- and alcohol-related behavior and/or disturbances are a serious violation of your lease. The Housing Authority has a Zero Tolerance policy on illegal drug activity by residents (on or off property) or guests while on Housing Authority property.
  9. The HAO will inspect your apartment at least two times per year.  We look for fire and safety hazards, housekeeping conditions, and damages.  The dates of inspections are published in the monthly newsletter.
  10. Please notify the office immediately of the need for any repairs or of any possible hazards, which may exist in your apartment or on HAO premises.  Make sure your smoke alarm is connected and working properly at all times.
  11. Pets are not allowed unless specific written permission is obtained from the office. Visiting pets are only permitted is they are service animals.
  12. Please do not repair, alter, or modify your apartment without obtaining prior, written consent from the HAO.  This includes painting, wallpaper borders, taping down carpeting, installing ceiling fans and/or waterbeds.
  13. You will be recertified on at least a yearly basis.  The date of your appointment will be mailed to you or hand-delivered to your HAO mailbox or mail slot.  Be sure to check for notices on a regular basis.  Please also be sure to read your monthly newsletter – it will keep you advised of information that directly affects your household.
  14. We request that you keep the outside area of your apartment free and clear of trash and excessive clutter. Please empty your trash daily in the dumpster located nearest your apartment.
  15. Always keep your lease, rent change letters, and rent receipts.  You may need them for other agencies or programs.
  16. We are not allowed to give keys out to your apartment to persons not listed on your key permission slip.  Make sure you list children or others who may need access to your apartment.
  17. If you have a complaint against another resident, we ask that you put the complaint in writing, sign it, and turn it in to the office.  We urge you to call the police when there is a disturbance or other activity that interferes with your right to peaceful enjoyment of your apartment.
  18. Tenants, their guests, and other persons under their control may not carry concealed deadly weapons on any HAO property unless they have an appropriate state-issued permit and must not violate any laws, ordinances or regulations relating to weapons, ammunition, or explosives.
  19. Should you wish to move, we ask that you come to the office and give us your written, 30-day notice.  If you then decide not to move, you may cancel the notice or extend it for the next month. Failure to give a full 30-day notice will result in a 7-day Early Termination Penalty.
  20. Adults who are not exempt from Community Service requirements must complete 8 hours per month and report this compliance to the HAO.  Failure to comply with this requirement will mean that the HAO will not be able to renew your lease.  Persons who may be able to claim an exemption from this requirement are the elderly, disabled, persons who care for disabled residents, K-TAP/Food Stamps recipients who have not been sanctioned, working persons, and those attending school.
  21. Parking passes are required for residents to park in the parking lots. One (1) parking pass per household will be issued. Visitors must park on the street. Cars are subject to be towed without warning for violation of this parking policy.